Afghanistan – a Retrospective

Landlocked and at the ancient crossroads of the Mongol, Persian, Alexandrian and British empires, Afghanistan has long held a history as a conduit for other peoples. In more recent history, the Soviet occupation from 1979 to 1989 was only succeeded very briefly by a local Taliban coalition to then be knocked out by the United States in 2001. With the American military finally leaving its 20 year occupation behind, the Afghani peoples of various Pushtun and other assorted tribes once again look to an uncertain future – with the firm knowledge that whoever tries to conquer them next will likely reaffirm the Afghanistan sobriquet of the ‘Graveyard of Empires’.

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Very special guest Old Hickory



Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 220 – Afghanistan – a Retrospective

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  1. kinezirebir says:

    One of the most intelligent podcasts out there with laser sharp focus on topic. Hope you guys are doing well.

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  2. Cthulhu says:

    I certainly hope Old Hickory’s prognosis for North America is right. Maybe rural America will see a revival as those checking out of the system flee from the coasts and other cities. I haven’t been to the midwest or rockies, or south ever in all honesty, but I’ve been told the local demographics trend old and drug addicted. Anyone have anything contrary to say?


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